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Blueshirt Banter Radio Returns Tonight at 8:30 PM

Jim Eddie MSG
Jim Eddie MSG

It seems like its been awhile since we've been on the air, but the one and only Blueshirt Banter Radio will return tonight at 8:30 PM for 90 minutes of Rangers talk and discussion.

We'll talk about the autopsy results from the tragic death of Derek Boogaard, the comments from Sean Avery and some of Boogaard's other teammates, the recent signings of prospects Christian Thomas and Scott Stajcer, the upcoming 2011 NHL Draft, and of course, no 2011 Rangers off season show will be complete without some discussion on Brad Richards. Blueshirt Banter Radio is the one and only place to talk Rangers hockey with fans who are as knowledgeable and passionate as you are, so pick up the phone and call in.

For those of you that haven't listened before, this is no ordinary run of the mill hockey podcast. It's a live show with unparalleled interaction between the fans. We take all your calls, and there is a terrific live chat that goes on throughout the show where anything goes. It's the fastest ninety minutes on the internet, find out why tonight at 8:30.

Don't forget, if you've missed any of our previous shows, like our interviews with Wayne Gretzky, Emile Francis, Ron Greschner, or Dave Maloney, they are available for download on Itunes, Zune, or right off the Blueshirt Banter Radio show page.

See you tonight!