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Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight at 8:30!

Jim Eddie MSG
Jim Eddie MSG

By now, you know the one and only place to talk Ranger hockey is on Blueshirt Banter Radio, the one true voice of the Ranger fan. For ninety minutes tonight, we will take to the worldwide web and talk about the latest in the world of our beloved Blueshirts. We'll talk about the Tim Erixon trade, what it means for the team in the upcoming draft and beyond.

We'll also talk about the Atlanta Thrashers move to Winnipeg, and last night's spectacular Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals. Plus, we'll take your calls, and have some fun along the way. There is also a great live chat that goes on throughout the show.

Tune in tonight and discover what millions around the world already have: That Blueshirt Banter Radio is simply the best when it comes to Ranger hockey. See you tonight at 8:30!

Remember, if you have missed any of our previous shows, with great guests like Wayne Gretzky, Ron Greschner, Theo Fleury, and Emile Francis, you can download them on Itunes, Microsoft Zune, or right off the Blueshirt Banter Radio page.