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Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight at 8:30 PM: New York Rangers Talk with Jim and Eddie

Never got a "sext" from Anthony Weiner
Never got a "sext" from Anthony Weiner

With the Stanley Cup Finals going on, Blueshirt Banter Radio will go live tonight at 8:30 PM. We'll talk about all the latest with the Rangers, including Brandon Dubinsky's contract, is Brad Richards out of the Rangers plans, the Stanley Cup Finals, and the city of Winnipeg telling the Commish where he can stick it.

Remember, this is no ordinary hockey podcast. It's a live show that is all about Ranger fans. We have a great time on the show, taking calls, and chatting with you throughout. The fun starts at 8:30, hope to see you then!

Accept no substitutes, there is only one Blueshirt Banter Radio!