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New York Rangers News: Winter Classic Jersey Leaked?

At this point in the off-season, this is the stuff that will make the headlines. Earlier today, news was spreading that the Rangers Winter Classic jersey was apparently leaked.

After looking at the picture, it appears that the jersey was created by a Chinese knock-off company. While there are people saying the jersey is in fact real, I believe it is not. I do not mean to rain on anyone's parade, but the original design was only a concept, designed by DC Visual Arts.

It in no way represented the actual design of the 2012 Winter Classic Jersey, rather just a mock up and idea someone had. So while we are all here, let's talk about how the concept design looks.

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Looking at the overall design of the jersey, it looks perfect for a Winter Classic. The off-white look adds the extra touch, which makes it look that much better. Also, for the first time since 1977, we see the Rangers shield making an appearance on the front of the jersey. The logo colors also fit in perfectly, and add a little bit of history to the jersey. These colors mostly resembling the ones on the current Rangers Heritage jersey.

While the blue shoulders are not shown in the original concept, I think it also adds some more color, to the white jersey.. Overall, in my opinion, I would fully approve, it this winds up being the actual Winter Classic jersey.

What do you guys think?