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New York Rangers News and Notes: Bantering Points

 - Madison Square Garden released a new video today that previewed the new lower bowl seating. It appears that MSG went with royal blue as their new seat colors, which will occupy the entire lower bowl. So far it's looking awesome, fans will be dying to get into the home opener to see phase 1 of the newly transformed Madison Square Garden.

 - Allan Hahn posted on twitter that MSG is well overdue for an All-Star game. The last time MSG hosted an All-Star game was back in 1998, for the NBA All-Star Game. The last NHL All-Star game at MSG was also way back in 1994. It would be an awesome experience if MSG hosted an All-Star game after it is completed.

 - In case many of you missed it, Blueshirt Banter had an exclusive interview with Rangers prospect Christian Thomas. Joe did a great job on the interview and it is well worth the read. Some of Christian's responses may make some of you really excited to see this kid play.

 - Chris over at Blue Seat Blogs looks ahead to the future 2012-2013 season. He states that the Rangers defense would be almost scary to go up against. Looking at each players skill set and the way they have grown, there is no doubt the Rangers will have a top defensive squad in the near future.

 - The NHL released an article on Thursday that listed the top ten players most likely to rebound in 2011-2012. One of the names on that list is Marian Gaborik. With play-making center Brad Richards feeding Gaborik the puck, there is no reason the two-time 42-goal scorer shouldn't have another big year.