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New York Rangers News and Notes: Bantering Points

- As we reported yesterday, the Rangers released their finalized roster for the Traverse City Prospect Tournament on Sunday afternoon. In the next month or so, we should have a solid look at all of the up and coming prospects. MSG will be airing all the Rangers games of the Traverse City Tournament as well.

- ESPN conducted rankings for the NHL team's with the dimmest future. Our own New York Rangers come up in the middle of the list at number 17. Surprisingly, the team with the brightest future is the Florida Panthers.

- ESPN also conducted a vote on which team would win the Atlantic Division in 2011-2012. The finals came out with the Penguins on top, followed by the Flyers and the Rangers.

- According to NBC Sports, Sidney Crosby's status update could come early as tomorrow. Earlier today Josh Rimer tweeted that Crosby could sit out the beginning of the season due to nagging concussion symptoms.