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New York Rangers News And Notes: Bantering Points

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 - With the Rangers competing in this upcoming Winter Classic, that means we will get the opportunity to see them on HBO 24/7. Adam Rotter takes a look who will be the next star on 24/7.

 - In the past few years, there have been several surprising players that have played for the Rangers. Previously it was Brandon Dubinsky, and the following year it was the Callahan and Dubinsky line and Derek Stepan.

Dave over at Blue Seat Blogs takes a look at who could be next year's big surprise.

 - Jess Rubenstein over at the Prospect Park takes a look at three non-roster invitees

 - Larry Brooks takes a dive into what it would take for the Rangers to acquire Shea Weber.

 - Guest blogger Mikeyyy over at Blue Seats Blogs points out the keys to the Rangers success in the upcoming seasons.

 - As we announced yesterday, former Canucks forward was found dead in his Alberta apartment early on Monday. Rypien was said to have a problem with depression. Police stated that there have been no suspicious activity involved with his death.