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New York Rangers News and Notes: Bantering Points

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- There have been numerous debates in the past about whether fighting belongs in hockey. Our friends over at Silver Seven take a look at the physical toll that fighting takes on the fighters themselves.

- The word "luck" often comes to mind when talking about sports. Draglikepull over at Pension Plan Puppets takes a look at why luck both can and does exist within the game of hockey.

- Some love the shootouts and some of us think shootouts ruin the game of hockey. With the Research and Development camp coming up, there are several variations that could make the shootout more enjoyable.

- John Tortorella states that the Rangers could face many distractions during the 2011-2012 season. From the pre-season games in Europe, the extended road trip before their first home game and the Winter Classic, the Rangers will have a lot to deal with. On a positive note, this basically confirms the Winter Classic between the Rangers and Flyers.

- For all those twitter fanatics out there, Michael Del Zotto announced that he will be taking a break from twitter to focus on training and the upcoming season. It's nice to see Del Zotto taking responsibility and getting himself setup for a strong push next season.