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2011 New York Rangers Training Camp News: Anisimov MRI Comes Back Negative; Sauer Suffers Tendinitis

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Good news coming out of the New York Rangers training camp that Artem Anisimov's MRI came back negative. The MRI was sparked by a red flag that went up during his physical. Good to know that Anisimov will not be held of out the training camp workouts.

Although, there was no indication that Anisimov will be able to skate tomorrow for the on-ice drills. Other than that, it's great to see bad news turn into good news, very quickly.

Also, on the other side of things, Mike Sauer was forced to sit out after he suffered from a knee injury as well. The injury originally came from him tweaking it during the summer. However, the Rangers just released that Sauer is suffering from tendinitis.

Sauer's injury is different on the other hand, but he did state that his knee is feeling much better. We're all hoping he recovers quickly, and can get back on the ice with his teammates.

That's all that we have for now. Any other news, will be posted up on the Banter as soon as it happens!