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2011 New York Rangers Training Camp: Monday's First Scrimmage Analysis

Monday's early morning scrimmage began at 9:30, with Henrik Lundqvist's White Team, facing off against the line of Richards, Gaborik and Wolski on the Red Team. Brian Boyle started the game off with a big block, that left him limping.

However, he did return and wound up scoring off a nice pass from Ruslan Fedotenko, to make it 1-0 White. Kris Newbury put the White Team up 2-0, and Andre Deveaux crushed Jyri Niemi with a huge check. Ruslan Fedoteno and Brian Boyle connected again, this time Fedotenko scored to give White a 3-0 lead. Henrik Lundqvist had another great game, until Tommy Grant broke the shutout streak once again, making it 3-1 White.

The Gabby, Richards, and Wolski line finally got on the board with Wolski burring a rebound coming from Marian Gaboirk, making it 3-2 White.  With just a couple minutes left in the scrimmage, Stu Bickel and Andre Deveaux drop the gloves in a heated battle.

Time eventually runs out, and Lundqvist's White team goes on to win 3-2. Fedotenko and Boyle had yet another steller game for White, as they each had two points apiece. Wolski continues to put up points, although that line was pretty quiet this game.

According to Jesse Spector, the two that impressed him the most were Dale Weise and Tim Erixon, here's what he had to say, "Tim Erixon looking very good. Dale Weise has more of a purpose to his game than I remember."