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2011 New York Rangers Training Camp: Rangers Express Interest In Paul Mara

According to a report on ESPN New York, the New York Rangers have expressed some interest in defenseman Paul Mara. Mara, who rejected a tryout contract with the New York Islanders earlier in the offseason, is a player familiar with John Totorella and the team; having played in over 156 games as a Ranger. 

This can be taken as a sign that the Rangers are worried about the condition of Marc Staal's post-concussion syndrome, and might be looking for a veteran defenseman to help hold down the fort if the Rangers lost Staal for a portion of the season. 

The interest in Mara might also just be a safety net since both Staal and Mike Sauer have dealt with injuries this offseason. This move could just be a precaution, so there is absolutely no reason to assume Staal is going to miss a big chunk of the season. 

Either way, Mara's agent told ESPN New York that the defenseman will not be signing a tryout contract; which might diminish the Rangers' interest quite a but, since there is a logjam at defense already. 

More when we know it. Thoughts guys?