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New York Rangers Open Game Thread: Rangers At. New Jersey Devils


If the Traverse City Tournament wasn't enough for you, now you get to see the big boys in action against a bitter rival! 

Tonight the New York Rangers take on the New Jersey Devils in the first pre-season game of the year. The Rangers lineup can be found here if you're wondering who is making the trip. 

Fraternize with the enemy: In Lou We Trust (John has pretty specific rules over there guys, it's much stricter than our game threads, so if you take a visit make sure to adhere by them.) 

Joe's Player To Watch:

Artem Anisimov

#42 / Center / New York Rangers



May 24, 1988


Just a guess, but I think Artem Anisimov is going to have a big game. He's ready to show how much he has improved. 

Have fun guys!