2012 Eastern Conference Finals: Rangers Vs. Devils- Game 4 Notes

- Game 4 is a perfect example of what happens when the New York Rangers come out skating in sand and Henrik Lundqvist isn't a superhuman. It's a bad combination, and it came back to bite the Rangers Monday.

- Here is one of the most compelling stats of these playoffs (Carp was tweeting it during the game): With an opportunity to take a two-game lead in the playoffs the Rangers are 0-7. 0-for-7. And now if they want to take a two-game series lead against the New Jersey Devils they need to win the series 4-2.

- Chris Kreider was the only player on the Rangers to play with poise and fire all night. He was the only one creating chances in the first period, nearly scored a goal at the tail-end of the first and worked all night. Good things happen when he is on the ice, and it's telling that he's been the Rangers best player this series.

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- Yeah, the Rangers came out with little fire in the first period, but they also came a post away (on a pretty shot from

Carl Hagelin

) from tying the game at one. Then, right after, the Devils take a 2-0 lead. Throw that on top of the Devils remarkably lucky first goal, and, well, you have that first period.- Apparently Michael Del Zotto's grandmother passed away during Game 3, something that was obviously on his mind during Game 4. I don't want to hear any crap about how, "Well he shouldn't have been playing." Or that it's not a big deal. (Again, not any of you guys.) He knew the Rangers needed him to play, and he tried. That's a very difficult situation to go through. It's also easy to forget that he's a 21-year-old kid. It was very big of him to even play.

- I didn't think the Mike Rupp "incident" was that bad. Still, you can't blame the Devils for being upset. As much as Martin Brodeur dove on the push (seriously, Martin, you were shoved, not shot by a cannon) you can't let the opposing team hit your goaltender. Maybe Rupp was trying to fire the guys up for Game 5. Maybe it works.

- The officiating has been a little lopsided the past two game. The Rangers weren't even getting calls when they were down 3-0. And let's be honest here, it's not like the Devils play a clean game. My word do they get away with a ton of picks and little "I hope no one is looking" incidents. Apparently the past two games, no one has been looking. At least not the officials.

- Game 5 should be interesting. The Garden should also be insanity.

- Some people need to relax when the Rangers lose. All is not lost. I promise you. In fact, I think with the way the Rangers ended that game they come out blazing in Game 5.

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