2012 Free Agency: Is Brandon Prust Worth A Significant Raise?

The New York Rangers and Brandon Prust have to make some big decisions in the coming weeks, as Prust is set to become an unrestricted free agent. Prust has been vital to the Rangers' success over this past season, and you may even consider him part of the team's core group.

There is one main concern that may have the Rangers thinking twice though. Strange things can happen when a player tests the open market; and when large amounts of money are tossed around, it could sway a player's decision. That's one thing the Rangers are worried about. Could Brandon Prust want a substantial pay raise for next season, and would he be willing to test the market if Glen Sather doesn't give him what he wants?

I for one, would hate to see Prust test the open market and leave behind such a great run he had here in New York. I highly doubt that happens, but you just never know. With all of that said, the Rangers need to make sure the money and years are suitable for both Prust and themselves.

What do you guys think? Does Prust ask for a significant pay raise? Is he worth the big raise? What would you offer him?