2012 Free Agency: Nashville Predators Will Part Ways With Alexander Radulov

After some speculation over the last couple days that the New York Rangers had an interest in Alexander Radulov, it appears his future with the Nashville Predators is officially over. According to the Predators GM, David Poile, Radulov is not in their future plans, and they will either trade his rights to another NHL team, or allow him to return to the KHL.

Now before anyone jumps the gun here, this doesn't necessarily mean a deal is in place for him to come to Broadway. Rather, it is just opening the door of options for the Nashville Predators. No team wants to lose a high caliber player like Radulov and receive nothing in return. So instead of letting him run to the KHL right away, the Predators are testing the market to see what they can get.

But one thing is for sure, Glen Sather will definitely kick the tires around a little more, now that Radulov is officially on the market. As I stated in my last article about Radulov, the price to acquire his rights won't be anything outrageous, since Nashville is faced with either moving him or he letting him run to the KHL. If I were the Preds, I would take anything I can get my hands on at this point.

What is everyone's thought on this?