2012 NHL CBA Negotiations: NHL And NHLPA Meet For Second Time This Weekend

The NHL and NHL Player Association met for the second straight day this weekend on the non-core economics.

The NHL and NHL Players Association met for the second time this weekend, with another pair of meetings in New York City. Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman also met privately for a second time this weekend, where they discussed ways that the union and league can bridge their differences, and make progress on a new deal.

"I'm not going to talk about the specifics but in general we're trying to discuss, 'How do we find a way to make an agreement? How do we bridge the gaps on the major issues that are between us?' The kind of things you'd hope we'd talk about," Fehr said.

Both sides also had a meeting with a larger group of people, which focused on the correct interpretation of hockey-related revenue, and its proper definition. For the most part, both sides appear to be in compliance of keeping hockey-related revenue defined as it was in the past collective bargaining agreement. While both sides did discuss the economics to a certain degree, the revenue splits were not a part of the negotiations.

Steve Fehr stated that both sides brought their matters to the table, and had "frank exchange of views" based on hockey-related revenue.

"We each expressed our positions in terms of some potential changes and how we thought the current agreement was working,"

The NHL and NHLPA are expected to be back at the bargaining table tomorrow morning, where they will wrap up their weekend meetings. It still remains to be seen if both sides will meet past this weekend to keep the momentum running.