2012 NHL CBA Negotiations: NHLPA Makes Offer, NHL Counters With Ultimatum

It's been a crazy couple of hours for NHL fans. Today, the NHLPA was supposed to make a counter offer, which they did this afternoon. What wasn't expected, was the NHL making a counter proposal right off the bat.

Without the details -- they have yet to be released -- Gary Bettman told the media the NHL made a counter offer which was a one-time offer. Basically, it was a "take it or leave it" offer. Bettman said if the NHL did not accept the offer by September 15th, the deal would be off the table.

Without the full details, it's tough to know just how substantial this new proposal by the NHL was. What we do know is that the NHL's offer is a six year deal, Bettman estimates the NHL moved $250-$300-million in the new offer and that the player's percentage would be scaled.

I'm not a fan of the ultimatum packagem, but both sides have made it clear that once the 15th passes these negotiations will get harder, not easier. Read that again. Both sides have said that. That's not good.
We'll try to update as more information leaks out. But for now, what do you guys think about this?