2012 NHL CBA Negotiations: Talks Break Off Once Again Between NHL And NHLPA

The NHL and NHLPA met for two hours today, before breaking off talks once again.

If you were carrying over any optimism from this past weekend, you can almost throw it out the window completely. The NHL and NHLPA met earlier this morning, where they carried over their hockey-related revenue talks from this weekend. While both sides put in close to ten hours over the weekend dedicated to non-economic issues, it was all put to waste as they met for just about two hours today, with no progress being made.

"Today was not overly encouraging. No progress made today. No future meetings planned"

So we're right back to square one again, with the same vicious cycle being repeated. It seems like every single time there is some progress being made, it's all shot down shortly thereafter. If both sides were truly committed to getting a deal done, they wouldn't cut off talks once again, only after a two hour meeting.

As Joe pointed out this morning, today's meetings were a litmus test of how long this lockout could potentially drag on. And after seeing the results today, we're in for quite the ride.

While talks are broken off for the time being, Donald and Steve Fehr didn't rule out the possibility of talks picking back up later on in the week. But in all honesty, if they're going to follow this same dreaded path, is there really anymore optimism left? A federal mediator sounds good right about now.