2012 NHL CBA Negotiations: Wednesday's Meetings Cancelled, Will Resume On Thursday

NHL collective bargaining talks were cancelled Wednesday afternoon for an undisclosed reason, shortly after the NHL and NHLPA's top executives met unannounced for an extended period of time. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman along with deputy commissioner Bill Daley spent a total of two hours, meeting with Donald Fehr of the NHLPA, and Steve Fehr, who is also involved with the NHLPA committee.

The main focus of the meeting was to analyze the overall status of the negotiations, and how they can move the process along in an efficient manner. There was not much detail released, but it was noted that frustration has begun to rise on both sides. Bill Daley met with the media shortly after their meeting, and stated, "I think more than anything else it was to review where we are in the process, where we’ve come from, where we are with the various proposals and to determine how to move the process forward in the best way possible."

Formal meetings will resume on Thursday afternoon in Toronto, where both sides are expected to discuss the key economic issues.