2012 NHL CBA Negotiations: Weekend Meetings Conclude; No Meetings Scheduled On Monday

The NHL and NHLPA wrapped up their weekend meetings after talking over the non-core economic issues.

The NHL and NHL Players Association wrapped up their weekend spree of meetings, which focused on the non-core economic issues. These issues included player safety, ticket sales, travel, drug testing, and other CBA legal issues. Both sides did touch bases on hockey-related revenue on Saturday afternoon, but just discussed the current definition of HRR, and the language that surrounded it.

Neither side has yet to dive into the ugly stuff, which is the revenue split percentages between the union and the league. Prior to this mornings meetings, it was believe that the NHL and NHLPA would carry their momentum from this weekend into next week, where they would finally get into the main economics. However, this apparently is not the case.

According to Steve Fehr, both sides decided to take some time to meet internally, and get some "homework" done based off of this weekends meetings. Bill Daley did reiterate that this doesn't mean talks are completely broken off. Both sides remain optimistic that the talks will pick up again next week. It sounds like the NHL and NHLPA are preparing for a deep dive next week, when they will likely get into the ugly stuff, that they have yet to agree upon.

There was said to be some progress made on some of the minor issues today, and any positives at this point is a good sign. The two sides are meeting, they have common ground on the minor issues, and they will likely pick up talks beginning on Tuesday. So far, it appears that we're finally getting down to business, as we inch closer to the start of the regular season.