2012 NHL Lockout: 82 Game Schedule Not A Reality As Hope Continues To Fade

According to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, an 82-game schedule doesn't appear to be a reality anymore.

National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman was in attendance for today's press conference at the Barclary's Center, where it was announced that the New York Islanders will be moving to Brooklyn after the 2014-2015 NHL season. Following the official announcement, the floor was opened up to media to ask questions. Of course, it didn't take long for the first lockout question to make it's way up from the crowd.

The question was pretty general, and just asked for an update on the current situation on the labor dispute. Gary Bettman responded with news that an 82 game schedule is not a reality anymore, as the two sides don't plan to settle by tomorrow's "deadline". Bettman did meet up with the media after the press conference concluded, and had this to share.

We said to them that we are prepared to meet if you want to discuss our offer or if you want to make a new offer. They have no inclination on doing either and so there really was no point in meeting at this point.

There’s just some times where you need to take time off because it’s clear that you can’t do anything to move the process forward and we’re at one of those points right now because we gave our very best offer.

That offer, for better or for worse, was contingent on playing an 82-game season, so I think things in some respects it may get more difficult [from this point on].

So as of right now, a full 82-game schedule is likely out of the question. The deadline for a decision on the Winter Classic is also rapidly approaching, which could be sometime during the month of November.

Let's hope the two sides look up at some point, and realize the framework is in place for a deal to made. Hopefully someone makes the next move.