2012 NHL Lockout: HRR is on the Agenda For Tuesday; Likelihood of a Full Season Slipping Away

After a weekend of talks that dealt with non-economic related issues, the NHL and NHLPA will get back into the economic discussion when they meet on Tuesday in New York.

According to Pat Leonard of the Daily News, the meeting between the sides will center around the definition of hockey related revenue (HRR).

Both sides reported that progress was made over the weekend regarding the non-economic issues that were discussed. However the fact that the two sides haven't had a meeting where HRR was discussed since the lockout began over two weeks ago means that they aren't significantly closer to an agreement now than they were at any point during the summer.

And while this may be a fait accompli at this juncture, regular season games will start to be eliminated from the schedule if an agreement isn't reached as a result of the meeting Tuesday. According to Howard Berger of the Toronto Globe and Mail, a league source has told the writer that the NHL will cancel regular season games by Wednesday.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly also addressed the possibility of regular season games being cancelled when he spoke outside of the NHL's offices in New York over the weekend. "Obviously as the calendar ticks along, we're going to have to start making those decisions."