2012 NHL Lockout: NHL And NHLPA Appeared Close While Talks Take A Turn For The Worst

After meetings broke off after an hour this afternoon in New York City, Donald Fehr met with the media, and had some promising news to say the least. Just a half hour later, things took a bizarre turn for the worst.

After two straight days of talks, which had hockey fans around the globe feeling a deal was on the brink, were severely disappointed today as labor talks took a turn for the worst. The NHL and NHLPA sat down only for an hour this afternoon, where the NHLPA made another offer to the NHL based off of their previous proposal. Donald Fehr met with the media shortly after, stating that the sides had more or less agreed on all of the money disputes they had been fighting over.

Some details were also leaked the the NHLPA had also proposed an eight year deal, with an option to opt out of six. It all sounded too good to be true, and eventually was torn to pieces as Don Fehr came back to the podium 30 minutes after his initial press conference had concluded. The NHL had responded to their proposal, and Daly stated the proposed ideas from the players were "unacceptable".

So basically in matter of 30 minutes, things went from being all "fine and dandy" to taking a complete turn for the worst. "It looks like this is not going to be resolved in the immediate future, I don't know when discussions will resume," Fehr said.

You really can't help but laugh at this point. What are we arguing over exactly?