2012 NHL Lockout: NHL and NHLPA To Reconvene On Wednesday In Undisclosed Location

The National Hockey League and the NHL Players' Association are expected to return to the table tomorrow afternoon, in an attempt to strike a deal for a new collective bargaining agreement.

The National Hockey League and NHL Players' Association will be getting back to the bargaining table tomorrow afternoon, as they try to agree on a new collective bargaining agreement. After talks broke off last Thursday, both sides made up some serious ground, and are as close as they have been throughout this entire process.

According to Patrick Caisse of TVA Sports, the two sides will meet in an undisclosed location and will also involve federal mediators for the second time during this process. With the location being unknown at the moment, it was also said that this location will not be in New York City. As we've seen in the past with these secret locations, it's an attempt to facilitate the process, with little details being leaked about the meetings. And not to mention, with the mediators being involved once again, it's almost guaranteed that we won't hear anything until the process is completed.

What's also interesting is that last Thursday during his press conference, Gary Bettman stated that the NHL is not interested in involving federal mediators again. And now all of a sudden they're back in the meeting room? Confusing to say the least. There will also be no owners present at tomorrow's meeting, outside of the negotiation committee.