2012 NHL Lockout: NHL Cancels Another Block Of Games Through November 1st

The National Hockey League announces its second block of canceled games this afternoon, which span through November 1st.

The National Hockey League announced its second cancellation of games this afternoon, as all regular season games through November 1st have been completely wiped. For now at least. This news came as no surprise, mainly because of yesterday's not-so-great meeting between the NHL and NHLPA that only lasted about an hour.

But what is surprising is that the NHL went rather light on the cancellations, as they were first expected to cancel a larger chunk of games. This still leaves the possibility of starting an 82-game season on November 2nd up for grabs. While it may be a long shot of that happening, the NHL left some wiggle room for both sides, in the event of good upcoming negotiations.

The Rangers have four games affected by today's cancellations, and they are as follows: October 25th @ Pittsburgh Penguins, October 26th @ Carolina Hurricanes, October 28th @ Ottawa Senators, and their home opener on November 1st against the Dallas Stars.