2012 NHL Lockout: NHLPA Makes New Proposal Which League Denies Outright

The NHL Players Association made a new proposal to the NHL, which was based off of their original 50/50 revenue framework. To our surprise, the league and owners denied the proposal outright.

The National Hockey League and NHL Players Association met for the second time this week, where the NHLPA tabled a proposal of their own. The proposal was an attempt to move the process forward, and gain some momentum heading into the week. Earlier on Monday, the NHL urged the players union to step up and table a formal offer on the core economics. They did just that, in addition to some significant movements towards the owners on the revenue splits.

The NHLPA is scheduled to hold a conference call later this evening at 5:00 PM, where they will update all of the attending players on today's meeting, and come up with the next steps on where to go. As of right now though, there has been no real progress on the core economics according to NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr.

Meanwhile, Gary Bettman criticized the players union on how they have been handling the negotiations, and is "mystified" as to why they aren't playing hockey at this point in time. Both sides are expected to talk later this week where they will decide on what actions to take next. According to Darren Dreger, the All-Star game activities in Columbus will officially be axed from the schedule this upcoming Friday.

Guess we can never have any "true" progress. Hopefully soon, hopefully soon.