2012 NHL Lockout: NHLPA Tables Three Offers While NHL Rejects Them Outright

The NHL and NHLPA met in Toronto today, where the NHLPA countered with three alternate offers of their own.

After a couple of days where optimism was starting to break through the cracks again, it snapped right back to doom and gloom once again. Just 24 hours after the NHL tabled their proposal which called for a 50/50 split of hockey-related revenues, the NHLPA countered with three alternate offers this afternoon. After they were all presented, it took the NHL all of 15 minutes to reject all three proposals out right, and call it a day. Yes you heard that right, 15 whole minutes.

Donald Fehr did share a little bit of insight on what each of the three proposals called for, and the final offer is quite intriguing to say the least. Based on various reports, here are the breakdowns of each of the proposals that were tabled today by the NHLPA.

Proposal #1 called for a fixed player share in the first three years of the CBA, which would be based off of league growth. For the third, fourth, and fifth year the shares would be frozen until it reaches a 50/50 split.

Proposal #2 had the players taking 25% of any league growth, and with an estimated growth of 5% each year, the players share would reach 50% by the end of the fifth year.

Proposal #3 was the quite interesting to say the least. The players were willing to snap from 57% to 50% immediately, if the owners were committed to honoring contracts for their full face value. It also had no rollbacks, and eliminated escrow in it's entirety.

All three of these proposals dealt solely with the hockey-related revenue splits, and the core economic issues.

Based on today's reactions, the NHL wants an immediate 50/50 split, with players make a 12% concession on their share. Meanwhile, the NHLPA is looking for either a gradual reduction in the shares, or an immediate 50/50 split, if the NHL is willing to honor their contracts.

It's hard to tell what could happen from this point on, as both sides seem to be heated one again, but it is safe to say no further discussions will take place this week. Also, don't expect the NHL to put forth another proposal, as they considered their latest offer "their best shot". Expect the league to put even more pressure on the NHLPA, as they expect to announce the cancellation of a large chunk of games as early as tomorrow.

After disagreeing on how the split the revenues for so long, the NHL and NHLPA have finally agreed to a 50/50 split, but how they will get there is the bigger question.