2012 NHL Lockout: Sides Still Remain Far Apart On Non-Economic Issues

The NHL and NHLPA wrapped up their two day collective bargaining sessions, and accomplished basically nothing on the non-economic issues. The sides still remain far apart.

The NHL and NHL Players Association wrapped up their scheduled collective bargaining talks late Thursday afternoon, and are no closer to a deal then they were on Tuesday. Both sides were hoping to tackle most of the minor non-core economics over these two days, but in reality, they got absolutely no where. But hey, at least they're close on drug testing, right? What a joke.

Talks have broken off yet again, with both sides stating there is no sense in talking unless the core economics are involved. Re-read that sentence again, and let it sink in. Neither side wants to to continue to meet, unless the big issues are in play. So....here's an idea, why don't you guys actually sit down and talk about it? How can one complain about not bringing something to the table, unless you physically sit down face-to-face and talk about it?

According to Steve Fehr, if both sides were able to compromise on the bigger issues such as hockey-related revenue definitions, and how to spit the revenue shares, the minor issues could be ironed out in a couple of hours. Since neither side is willing to budge, it doesn't seem like that's going to be a viable option at this point.

It's sad that a league like the National Hockey League, which has grown leaps and bounds since 2004-2005, is right back to square one again, and has hit rock bottom. I honestly have nothing else to say. It's simply pathetic that it even had to come down to this, again.

Enough of me bickering, what are your thoughts?