2012 NHL Lockout: Wedneday's Meeting Concludes; Next Big Move Hinges On NHLPA

Wednesday's meeting between the NHL and NHL Players Association yielding little to no progress, or did it?

Yet another day of collective bargaining meetings wrapped up, and apparently it yielded little to no progress once again, or did it? The big four (Fehr brothers, Bill Daly, and Gary Bettman) all met privately again this afternoon, and continued to discuss possible ways to progress the talks, and ultimately strike a deal.

According to Steve Fehr, both sides made some considerable progress on the smaller issues, such as health and safety, drug testing, and other CBA legal issues. He also stated that some core economics were discussed during their private meeting, but declined to get into any specific details. Meanwhile, Bill Daly stated that there was little to no progress being made, and that they never discussed any core economics. Seriously, guys?

After meeting for a majority of Wednesday afternoon into the late evening, neither side can agree with the other still. The NHLPA states progress was made, meanwhile the NHL shoots it down and says nothing happened. Get it together here guys, this is becoming little bit childish. We're talking about a professional sport here, not a circus act.

What I'm gathering from all of this is that Bill Daly and the NHL are disappointed that the NHLPA has yet to come forth with a counter-proposal. In their eyes, if the players association never puts anything on the table, they don't see it as making any sort of progress. The next big move hinges on the union's counter-proposal, and whether that comes soon still remains to be seen.

So as of right now, the staring contest continues on. Anytime you're ready Mr. Fehr.