2012 NHL Playoffs: A Look Ahead To Tonight's Game

The Rangers have been on a roller coaster ride all throughout these playoffs, and their next stop is the Eastern Conference Finals. The New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils will go head-to-head tonight as the Eastern Conference Finals commence.

The Rangers could have a slight advantage here tonight as there has only be a day between their Game 7 against the Washington Capitals. The Devils on the other hand, have been resting and practicing after eliminating the Flyers in just five games. The Rangers will be in game mode already, heading into the tonight, which could serve as an advantage.

As they did in Game 7, the Rangers just need to throw the puck on net with every chance they get. The Devils are little bit weaker then the Rangers on the defensive side, so anything to keep their defense pinned down in their own zone is a positive.

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As we saw in Game 7 as well, the Rangers need to create traffic in front of Marty Brodeur. I'm not going to sugar coat this one, if the goalie can't see the puck, there is a good chance it will hit twine, simple as that. Now, this is no walk in the park for the Rangers either.

The Devils have been getting some scoring depth from their bottom lines, which has helped them succeed during these playoffs. While guys like Kovalchuk, Parise, and Elias are all serious threats, the Rangers cannot underestimate anyone that is on the ice for the Devils.

This series is definitely going to be entertaining to say the least. The Rangers hate the Devils, the Devils hate the Rangers, and it's definitely going to be fun seeing this hatred go at it in the Conference Finals.