2012 NHL Playoffs: Brandon Dubinsky Cleared For Contact; Devils Changing Things Up

For the second time in three days, Brandon Dubinsky was on the ice for the optional skate, before the New York Rangers get back into action tomorrow night. This time however, Dubinsky was one ice wearing a regular practice jersey, rather then a non-contact jersey.

This is definitely better news then what we got yesterday, as it seems Dubinsky is getting back on track, and is closer to returning. There was still no word on when he would return, but my guess would have to be either Game 5 at the earliest, or possibly even later on.

Moving onto the Devils, they have appeared the switch of some of their lines going into Game 4. They have also inserted Jacob Josefson into the lineup after returning from injury, and he will be slotted at center on the third line. Zach Parise and Ilya Kovalchuk have also been separated and will appear on their own lines for Game 4.

What is everyone's thoughts on this?