2012 NHL Playoffs: It All Comes Down To This...Game Seven

After the Rangers took a very crucial win in game six on Monday night, the anticipation has been rapidly building. The New York Rangers and their fans have never witnessed a game game seven since the glorious year of 1994. You can bet that this city will be full of excitement and anticipation leading up to tonight's do or die, game seven.

For the Rangers, they are fully confident heading into tonight's game in front of their amped up home crowd, and will try and use it to their advantage. There are people out there saying that the pressure is fully on the Rangers, and the Rangers only, and I have to disagree with that one. First off, the Rangers were able to fight off elimination in front of an electric home crowd in Ottawa, and came away with a win.

Now, they come back into their home building, in front of their own crowd, hoping to close out the series and move on. To me, that alone speaks high volumes of advantage right there, and can only help the Rangers move forward.

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Fans across the globe most likely held their breathe for a second, when they heard Ryan Callahan missed the Rangers practice earlier in the week. However, it was just a maintenance day, and he is good to go for game seven tonight.

Also, while we're on the topic of the players, let's talk about Chris Kreider for a quick second. There were questions following the morning skate today, about how John Tortorella will go about using Kreider tonight, in this crucial game. Tortorella stated that he has "no hesitation" when it comes to using Kreider is key situations, and that he can handle himself just fine. How could you not have trust in this kid already? He's shown a ton of effort out there, since joining the Rangers, and even came away with the deciding goal in game six.

There was also no updates regarding the status of Brian Boyle today, but he was around the facilities today getting treatment from the training staff. However, Boyle did state yesterday that he was "feeling OK", regarding his concussion, so it's just a wait and see game.

This was just a little appetizer of what's to come later on tonight at Madison Square Garden. All of New York will be behind the Rangers tonight, Let's go Rangers!!!