2012 NHL Playoffs: Rangers Need A First Round Repeat Of Game Seven

The New York Rangers will have their backs against the walls, once again, as they head into a crucial game seven on Saturday night. Both the Rangers and Capitals had their first round series' decided by a game seven as well, so a do or die game is no stranger to these two teams.

For the Rangers, they had a very strong game when they ousted the Ottawa Senators in a game seven, and they need to come out with a similar effort on Saturday evening. The Rangers are usually a great rebound team after heart breaking losses, and after last night, this is another chance for them to rebound.

Not to mention, the Rangers will be going into this game with their home town crowd behind them. The Garden crowd will surely be rocking the roof off, and the Rangers need to come out with a strong effort. John Tortorella is also known for his matchup game, so having the last change will work in their favor as well.

What is everyone's thoughts?