2012 NHL Playoffs: Shot Blocking Makes The Rangers Bad For Hockey?

According to a recent article by the Hockey News, the Rangers mentality of shot blocking is bad for the National Hockey League. Wait, what? First off, the Rangers were praised all season long for their ability to give up the body and get in front of a shot. Now all of a sudden it is bad for hockey? Right..

A lot of this is stemming from the fact that this style of play may be "boring" in terms of viewership. Last time I checked, when did NHL players, play the game in order to entertain the public? They play the game to win, not to entertain. Not to mention, the Rangers aren't the only team that emphasizes this shot blocking mentality.

Just look at the Washington Capitals this season, they all bought into Dale Hunter's defensive system. He even had Alex Ovechkin buying in and sprawling out to block shots. And this is bad for hockey?

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Secondly, this is the NHL PLAYOFFS. There is no set standard on how a team needs to play, just to entertain it's viewers. Teams play to win the holy grail, the cream of the crop, and however they go about doing it is entirely up to them.

I'm not trying to bash the opponent on this one, but the Devils must have ruined hockey for 12 straight years with their infamous trap system, right? I'm sorry, I just think it's complete bogus if you ask me.

What are all your thoughts on this?