2012 NHL Rumors: Oh, So That's Why Alexander Semin Doesn't Have A Contract Yet

Since the start of free agency, many fans across the NHL have been wondering where Alexander Semin will land. Semin, one of the best members of this very thin free agent class (even if you include Zach Parise and Ryan Suter), still remains unsigned, which has confused many fans.

We may have finally figured out why.

According to the Carolina Hurricanes beat reporter for The News Observer, Alexander Semin is looking for a deal worth more than $7-million a year.

Oh, there is it.

If Semin, who had one of the worst years of his career last season, wants a longer deal (think more than two years) at $7-million a year or more, he has another thing coming. Or, he at least, won't get too many looks from Glen Sather. As of right now, there's no reports that the New York Rangers have even contacted Semin, so it wouldn't be crazy to assume that the Rangers have absolutely no interest in Semin at this point.

But even if they did, that $7-million price tag would likely scare them away.