2012 NHL Rumors: Who Are Your Untouchable Rangers?

The past week or so we have probably seen about 15,000 trade ideas for Rick Nash and Bobby Ryan. There have been debates abut who to include in deals, who to leave out and which players you wouldn't like to see moved at all.

With the New York Rangers dangerously close to making a move on Nash -- either dropping out of the sweepstakes if things continue to remain at a standstill or actually sealing the deal -- I thought it would be a good idea to see who your untouchable players are.

For me it's Chris Kreider, Ryan McDonagh and Derek Stepan. For the purpose of this debate we can assume that Henrik Lundqvist (franchise goalie) and Ryan Callahan (the team's captain) are off the table as well. But aside from Callahan and Lundqvist you would have to think that anyone can be moved.

So the floor is yours, who would you refuse to move?