2012 NHL Trade Deadline: Trade Pace Should Be Picking Up Shortly

Editor's Note: From now until 4:00 p.m. (when the last of the trades should be announced; remember that deals completed by the 3:00 p.m deadline don't get announced right away) we'll be running an open thread an hour. Not only will this keep load times down, but it will also create fresh conversation. Each thread will be updated with the various trades and rumors that have happened. Enjoy.

Here are some notes to build on from earlier:

- Things have really been really quiet since we had our first deal of the day coming from Montreal. But, we're rolling right into the prime time of the Trade Deadline, and we could see some steam pick up. Who do you guys think the next team to deal is?

- Brandon Dubinsky and Rick Nash were both present at their respected team practices today. Dubinsky also stated that he is fairly confident that he will remain on the Rangers roster when it comes 3:00 today. The Rangers said that they were a tight-knit group, and that it would be devastating to see anyone go. What moves can you realistically see the Rangers doing before 3:00?

Follow after the jump for all of the recent trades.

FEB 27 Andrei Kostitsyn, F
2013 2nd-round pick
Cond. 2013 5th-round pick