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Bantering Points: Sean Avery And More

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Teams want Sean Avery! Well, sort of. Courtesy of Puck Daddy, who found the money quote from the NY Post:

Sources have told The Post general manager Glen Sather rejected that request, instead offering to trade Avery in a minor-league deal under which the Rangers would take back additional dollars but the responsibility for placing Avery on re-entry would then pass to the acquiring club that would then bear the burden of carrying dead salary-cap space upon a claim.

… Sather's willingness to acquire AHL players on one-way contracts who would then be assigned to the Whale creates the possibility of a cash-poor club with ample salary-cap space making such an exchange with the Rangers, knowing that Avery would be claimed on re-entry.

Any guesses on who the two teams are? lists 12 stories to watch in the second half of the NHL season. The Rangers are one of them.

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