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Bantering Points: New York Rangers Winning All Types Of Games

The New York Rangers beat the Nashville Predators 3-0 last night, in a battle with a Western Conference foe with little to no bad blood between the two. These are the types of games that help define if a team is truly capable of bringing their A game whenever they need it, and the Rangers proved ready for the task.

This season the Rangers have won all types of games, including buzzer beaters, shutouts, blowouts, in conference, out of conference, and more. Come playoff time these games will help the Rangers be ready for whichever opponents they must face.

Bantering Questions!

-Would the Rangers be a top 5 team in the Eastern Conference right now if Henrik Lundqvist was not playing all season?

-Is Henrik Lundqvist your current Vezina Award winner?

-Are you worried about the mini slumps of Marian Gaborik and the top line, or do you think it's just a minor break from the fantastic norm?

As usual, Let's Go Rangers!