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Bantering Points: The Not So Slow Road Back

As many of you know, I am against NHL teams' tendencies to bring injured players up to the NHL after injuries without playing in rehab games first.

Marc Staal is a prime example of this, as he returned to the NHL in the Winter Classic without playing any games for the Connecticut Whale beforehand.

Last night, Marc Staal played the most minutes for the New York Rangers, with a total of 24:58 played. That eclipsed even Dan Girardi, who played 24:51.

I worry more than the average fan, but I would have preferred it if the Rangers eased Staal back, first with rehab games, then with minor minutes, then gradually more.

Anyway, here are your questions of the day:

-You can start your own NHL team: Where do you start it, and what five players do you choose to start it?

-Best coach in hockey?

-Is Henrik Lundqvist the goalie you would want going into the playoffs, or would you choose Tim Thomas?

-Does Brandon C. ask too many questions?

As usual, Let's Go Rangers!