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New York Rangers Noon Number: 66

The New York Rangers are continuing the roll, despite some small bumps along the way. However, the Rangers have also surprised basically everyone around the league, and are well on their way to surpassing most of the expectations for this season.

Although, while it is only halfway through the season, there is still a very bright future ahead. Tonight they will face-off against the Winnipeg Jets, who are currently holding the tenth spot in the Eastern Conference. While this may seem like an easy game, the Rangers cannot overlook it as Joe states.

With all of that said, the Rangers are looking for their Conference leading 66th point tonight against the Jets. The Rangers are coming off of a huge 3-2 overtime victory against the Boston Bruins, and need to keep the train rolling. Currently the Blueshirts are deadlocked with the Bruins for first place. With a Bruins loss to the Capitals tonight, the Rangers can be up by themselves with 66 points.