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Bantering Points: Controversies Surrounding The Winter Classic

The Winter Classic was certainly an awesome event, but there are many controversies surrounding the event.

John Tortorella was fined $30,000 for his post game comments about the referees in the Winter Classic.

A group of Philadelphia Flyers fans beat up a a group of New York Rangers fans at Geno's Steaks. Broad Street Hockey wrote about the story.

Broad Street Hockey wasn't done yet, however, as there was a peculiar message on the site's Facebook page. Broadstreet Hockey looked further into the story, and saw that a man basically admitted to being one of the men that beat up the Rangers fans. Then, the man backtracked and accused his friends of being involved. Wow.

Hopefully the men that did it are caught and serve their time for their actions. This story reminds me too much of the Bryan Stow story in baseball.

Once again over at Broad Street Hockey, fans from across the NHL are looking to support the men that were beaten up at Geno's Steaks.