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Bantering Points: Realignment, Brandon Dubinsky, World Junior Championship

If you haven't been keeping up with the current NHL-NHLPA fight, check out this story on about the NHL's displeasure that the NHLPA refused to approve the realignment plan. This is a problem, especially with the CBA expiration date looming, and it's something we're going to follow in more detail as time goes on.

The NHL hub on SB Nation also has views on the realignment issues. As you can imagine, they're also unhappy with the developments.

In case you didn't know, Sweden won the World Junior Championships. They beat Canada. The United States had a poor showing in the WJC, but J.T. Miller had a pretty good tournament. [Puck Worlds]

Do you think Brandon Dubinsky's game is back? We debate it on Blueshirt Banter Discussion.

John Tortorella will coach in the NHL All-Star game. He acquired the opportunity because of the New York Rangers' success on the early part of the season. Here's more information on that development.