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New York Rangers Noon Number: 4

Today's noon number applies to two different players who impressed in the New York Rangers' two weekend games in which they beat the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals. During those two wins Ryan Callahan scored four goals (three against Philadelphia) and Brad Richards recorded four assists (three against Philadelphia).

Richards had a hand in two of Callahan's goals against the Flyers and he also assisted on Callahan's first goal against the Capitals.

Both plays have figured to play major roles in the Rangers' offense this season, and both have. Even though Richards isn't putting up the kind of numbers he wants, he still has 39 points (17 goals) in 54 games. Callahan, on the other hand, is having the year he was looking for. A whopping 22 goals and 41 points puts him second on the team in both categories.

Richards is the only other Rangers near 20 goals with 17, the fourth highest goal scorer for New York is Derek Stepan with 11.

Either way, both Callahan and Richards have been a big part of the Rangers' success the past two games, and figure to continue that trend against Boston on Tuesday.