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NHL Trade Rumors: Do You Make A Move For Rick Nash?

As Rick Nash trade rumors continue to barrel forward at break-neck speed, Glen Sather has a decision to make. It's possible the decision might be made for him, though. As more and more information becomes available about what the Columbus Blue Jackets are seeking in return, it's become clear that general manager Scott Howson wants a goaltender in return.

The New York Rangers aren't exactly bursting at the seams with NHL-ready goaltenders (at least none Sather would be willing to move). If that happens to be a must when it comes to Howson trading Nash, then the Rangers are, in all likelihood, out of the bidding.

General managers do change their trade demands often however, and the Rangers have quite a bit to offer in their farm system if that happens to be the case. The real question, though, is do you risk making a big trade for Nash?

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I have touched briefly this week on why I don't believe the Rangers should trade Chris Kreider for Nash. I truly feel as though Kreider is a can't-miss prospect, and you don't move a prospect like him for a guy like Nash, who is 27-years-old and has a huge $7.8 million cap hit. If I'm goin to trade Kreider it would need to be for a player like Bobby Ryan, who is younger and has the same skill-set.

The Rangers need to be careful with a move that would bring in Nash. If Howson pulls the trigger on a deal, and the Rangers don't move Derek Stepan or Ryan McDonagh, it's going to cost picks and prospects. Good ones as well.

That changes the nature of the game, it changes it quite a bit. Are you willing to trade two or three solid to great prospects for Rick Nash? Are you willing to part with names like Kreider, Christian Thomas, Dylan McIlrath Michael St. Croix or even J.T. Miller?

Esentially, the question becomes: Are you willing to morage the future for Nash right now? Which leads to another question: Do the Rangers need Nash to become Stanley Cup contenders, or are they contenders right now?

It's not an easy answer.

Personally? I don't move Kreider for Nash. If that's a sticking point, then so be it. I believe this team is good enough to contend for the cup as is. They can use a little help, sure, but they don't need to blow everything up. Another plus of not making a huge move for Nash? The Rangers can keep their pipelines full of gold, which will help the team be competative int he future as well.

To me, it's not work unloading for Nash. But what do you think?