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Bantering Points: The New York Rangers And The Power Play

The worst kept secret in hockey is that the New York Rangers power play is awful.

Awful isn't even a harsh enough word. I looked up "negative words" on Google, and the following came up:

Horrendous, horrible, pathetic, and my personal favorite, horrawful. Not even sure that's a word.

Anyway, all of these words help describe the travesty that is the New York Rangers Power Play. Anton Stralman tried to help, but to no avail. Brad Richards was signed partially to help, but that did little to nothing.

The Rangers have won despite the anemic power play, but I worry that will change in the not so distant future.

Whether it's trying new players out, firing Mike Sullivan, or simply declining any power play opportunities from now on, something has to be done.

What ideas do you have to fix the Rangers power play? If you have any good ones, I suggest contacting John Tortorella and Mike Sullivan. Immediately. Please. I beg.