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Rangers Vs. Islanders: Keys To The Game

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The New York Rangers will face-off against their cross-town rivals once against this season. The Rangers are coming off of a heartbreaking 2-0 to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, the Islanders are fighting hard to get back into the playoff race. Tonight will be a great game between two rivals, here are tonight's keys to the game.

Get Back To Their Game: The Rangers lacked pretty much every aspect of their normal game plan against the Penguins. The Rangers need to get back to that plan tonight, and even John Tortorella agrees. The trade rumors have also be swirling, and the Rangers need to shrug them off and play their game tonight.

The Power Play: As we saw last game, the Rangers had at least seven different chances on the power play, but couldn't convert. It wound up costing them the game, as they couldn't put a single puck in the net that night. If the chance(s) arise tonight, the Rangers need to make it count or they are in some serious trouble.