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Rangers Vs. Flyers: Keys To The Game

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The New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers will face-off for the first time since the Winter Classic. It seems as if the Rangers are bringing back the Winter Classic feel, as they will be sporting the jerseys in which they wore in the classic. With that said, here are today's keys to the game.

Amp Up The Physicality: This game is going to be nothing but physical, and the Rangers cannot afford to fall behind. The Rangers are known for their grinding style of game, and this game is no different than any other game. The Rangers need to come out hitting bodies, and being physical throughout the game. The Flyers won't back down, so they need to keep it up for a full 60 minutes.

Score On The Power Play: The Rangers dedicated a full 40 minutes at practice to their struggling power play. Hopefully John Tortorella went over some key components at practice, and they can put it on show this afternoon. If the Rangers are given chances in this game, they absolutely NEED to capitalize.

Don't Play Stupid: As I stated in the first key, this game is going to be all physical, and the Rangers cannot afford to take dumb penalties. The Flyers play a physical style as well, and can cross the line quite a bit. However, the Rangers just need to stick to their game, and let the refs call game. Of course I'm not saying the Rangers should back down whatsoever, they just need to keep their heads on straight in this one.