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Rangers Vs. Devils: Keys To The Game

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The New York Rangers will face-off against their second Atlantic Division rival this week, which will be the New Jersey Devils, tonight at MSG. On Sunday, the Rangers came away with a very exciting 5-2 victory, which marked the start of a great day for New York Sports. Tonight will be another tough game for the Rangers, as the Devils are crawling up the standings pretty quickly. With that said, here are tonight's keys to the game.

Remain Physical: Last game against the Philadelphia Flyers, and pretty much matched them hit for hit the entire afternoon. This type of play is perfect for divisional games, and it is what makes them that much more interesting. They need to keep that up tonight, as the Devils are not an easy team to face either. While remaining physical, they also need to play smart as well.

Tone Down The Penalties: This was pretty evident against the Flyers, but the Rangers cannot afford to be giving teams constant power plays. The Devils have a decent power play, as they have Ilya Kovalchuk who can bomb it from the point at any given moment. With that said, the Rangers need to keep themselves out of the penalty box tonight, and stick to how they play hockey.

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Somehow Fix The Power Play: Obviously spending almost entire practice that was dedicated to the power play, couldn't solve the Rangers power play woes. I'm really confused as to why they play great hockey, but as soon as they are given a power play, it seems as if they completely forget it. At points, it seems like they can't even gain the zone, even with one less opponent on the ice. Tonight, the Rangers are sure to get some power play time, and they absolutely need to find a way to score, there are no excuses anymore.