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Rangers Vs. Devils: Keys To The Game

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The New York Rangers will be facing the New Jersey Devils in their final meeting of the 2011-2012 season. The Rangers are coming off of a very disappoint loss to the Colorado Avalanche, in which they put 42 shots on Semyon Varlamov. It's also worth mentioning that if the Rangers gain at least a point tonight, they will clinch a playoff spot as well.

Keep The Momentum Going: Despite losing the last game to the Colorado Avalanche, the Rangers played one of the best games in quite some time. They threw everything on net, however, they happened to run into a hot goaltender who snagged almost every one. The Rangers need to do exactly that tonight against the New Jersey Devils. Throw everything on net, one is bound to go in eventually. If they can get the Marty Brodeur early enough, they can control the game.

Ditch The Fighting, Play Hockey: Every single time the Devils roll around, the Rangers always seem to drop the gloves. It seems like there are more fights then there is hockey being played. The Rangers are better at playing hockey, and sticking to their game. Tonight the Rangers need to leave the fighting to the guys that can (that doesn't mean you Dubinsky), and play some hockey.